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March 2018

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The determinants of sleep quality and its impact on exercise capacity of patients with COPD. A O Adetiloye, G E Erhabor, O O Adewole, O Awopeju pdf (335kb)

ANCA-negative EGPA: Churg Strauss syndrome
in a young Nigerian woman M A Adeiza, A Enegela, M D Ahmed, U Abdullahi, A A Abba pdf (238kb)

BOLD in Africa:What has it taught us?. Professor Peter Burney pdf (213kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (83kb)

AJRM Journal in full pdf (1.99mb)

Africa Health

September 2017

Front Cover pdf (667kb)

Contents pdf (880kb)

News & Notes pdf (387kb)

Efficacy of immunotherapy in adults with bronchial asthma: a mini-systemic review of randomised clinical trials. T Eltoum and Y Fadelelmoula pdf (764kb)

Lung function impairment among charcoal workers in an informal occupational setting in Southern Nigeria. I P Obiebi, R U Ibekwe, and G U Eze pdf (549kb)

The contribution of percutanous needle biopsy of the lung, under image guidance, in the diagnosis of pulmonary lesions in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. A R Ouédraogo, G Badoum, G Ouédraogo, K Boncoungou, N A Ndé, A S Ouédraogo, B Kambou, S Maiga, R Nacanabo, and M Ouédraogo pdf (131kb)

Is childhood obstructive sleep apnoea properly taught in medical schools? An assessment of doctors’ knowledge of obstructive sleep apnoea. B P Kuti and D K Kuti pdf (653kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (59kb)

AJRM Journal in full pdf (2.42mb)