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March 2015

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Comparison of forced expiratory volume (FEV1) and BODE index in the assessment of health-related quality of life in patients with chronic pulmonary disorder W Ketata, T Abid, W Feki, S Msaad, N Bahloul, and A Ayoub pdf (393kb)

A descriptive study of patients admitted with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in three hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa L Pienaar, M Unger, and S Hanekom pdf (489kb)

A preliminary assessment of nurses’ asthma education needs and the effect of a training programme in an urban tertiary healthcare facility O O Adeyeye, Y A Kuyinu, R T Bamisile, and C I Oghama pdf (410kb)

Allergic sensitisation to common antigens among Ethiopian asthmatic patients K Gidey, A Adem, M Guizaw, K-H Franz , and A Potthoff pdf (388kb)

Splenopulmonary fistula complicating hydatid disease Y Ouadnouni, J Ghalimi, R Sani, M Lakranbi, and M Smahi pdf (547kb)

Catamenial right haemothorax due to endometriosis: two case reports A Ahmed, I Garba, B A Denue, M B Alkali, B Bakki, and H Rawizza pdf (457kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (121kb)

AJRM Journal in full pdf (1.82mb)

Africa Health

September 2014

Front Cover pdf (758kb)

News pdf (146kb)

Contents pdf (402kb)

Asthma prevalance in Nigerian adolescents and adults: systemic review and meta-anaylsis B M Musa and M D Aliyu pdf (398kb)

Comparison of two predictive rules for assessing severity of community-acquired pneumonia
G C Mbata, C J Chukwuka, C C Onyedum, B J C Onwubere, and E N Aguwa pdf (396kb)

Interchanging spirometric and peak flow meter readings in obstructive airway diseases
A O Oni, G E Erhabor, and P O Oluboyo pdf (391kb)

Relationship between some risk factors of pneumonia and hypoxaemia in hospitalised Nigerian children R M Ibraheem, W B R Johnson, and A A Abdulkarim pdf (577kb)

Risk factors for parapneumonic effusions among children admitted with community-acquired pneumonia at a tertiary hospital in south-west Nigeria B P Kuti and O A Oyelami pdf (590kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (108kb)


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